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Demonstrating Computation Theory Made Practical

This space is under construction. This page will become the home page for The Miser Project documentation on GitHub.

It is an experimental employment of GitHub Pages at master/docs/ to see whether the documentation and blogging needs of the project can be met here with minimal fuss.

The published form of the pages is at https://orcmid.github.io/miser/

Notes on the plumbing within the structure are found at pages such as docs.txt. Such markdown pages are moved intact to the published form.

The footer, offering page improvement (and presumably requiring a push request) is maybe not what I had in mind. It requires logging into GitHub.

An important feature of the default (i.e., none-specified) theme is that reflow on change of browser view width is automatic and as desired.

I do have some concerns about explicit versioning and having content that is skipped. I can specify HTML comments for that, and I am doing so.

We will run through all of the Markdown options to see how they are rendered here. Theme demos provide a nice comparison.

Demonstration of the current theme, including the markdown elements, is at current here.

Placeholder initiated 2019-11-20T08:37 Construction structure at https://orcmid.github.io/miser/docs.txt