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nfoTools is a collection of utilities and software components. nfoTools are created in the open on orcmid GitHub.

nfoTools tools are designed for use in composition of larger software projects for information-processing applications (and games of course). nfoTools can apply anywhere in the complete learning-and-improvement lifecycle of software projects.

nfoTools are developed and demonstrated using small mini-projects that are carried out in the GitHub repository and also documented here at nfoTools dev.

Games are employed for many developments and the play of games and gaming has an exalted place here.

nfoTools includes a Toolcraft on-ramp that supports beginners who seek to understand more about programming and the tacit understanding that experienced software developers rely upon. There are guard rails for crawling first, then walking, then running and leaping all you want.

Progressive discloser is used. Skip through details already known. Review of the basics when useful. Following links to more advanced cases.

Emphasis is on development of software for Microsoft Windows and using Microsoft Windows PC desktop tools as instruments of such efforts. Only freely-available tools are required in addition to a Windows PC or laptop. The working language is English.

nfoTools Table of Content

The nfoTools web is organized in topical sections.

Section General Topic
dev nfoTools Development
games Games and gaming, a major theme
notes Essays and Discussion on General Topics
skills Covering General IT Fluency applicable for nfoTools
tools Toolcraft for Using and Developing with nfoTools
construction nfoTools Web Construction Materials

I invite discussion about nfoTools topics in the Discussion section. Improvements and removal of defects in this particular documentation can be reported and addressed in the Issues section. There are also relevant projects from time to time.