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Albahari, Ben., Drayton, Peter., Merrill, Brad.  C# Essentials.  Programming the .NET Framework.  O'Reilly (Sebastopol, CA: 2001).  ISBN 0-596-00079-0 pbk.


I have no desire to master yet-another programming language.  I don't.  I've barely gotten into Java and Python, my C is still good and my C++ is under-used.  I have forgotten Fortran, assembler, and any COBOL that I once knew.  APL interests me as a demonstration of important concepts, not something I want to program in.  I have work to do on my own "language" for use with the Miser Project, and my time is more productively spent there than in mastering C#.

Nevertheless, I find some aspects of C# that are important to identify and appreciate, possibly for application in the Miser Project, and certainly for comprehension in delivering reliable software into the future Microsoft .NET environment.

Recap (2023-10-10)

Apparently, there was not even enough interest to hold onto that book.  It disappeared sometime in my recent down-sizing.  I have to add that I also discovered that F# is also not for me, even though I'd thought it would be in the right ballpark.  Not happening.  I did find SML/NJ very interesting though and some of Miser's Frugalese is inspired by that.  There are other parts of functional-programming notations that I have not adopted.  That will be explained later, elsewhere.


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I am using the O'Reilly C# Essentials as a way to check on areas of C# that attract my interest.  I also have access to the specifications, which is what I normally use when I seek precision and rigor.  But my interest doesn't take me that far at this point.
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